Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Friend

" friend, past regret is only intended to shape your present day morals; learn from the bee. The death of pollen is the birth to honey."
" friend, when a door closes another one opens and if another does not open learn to build doors."
" friend, loneliness can persuade you into making the wrong choices, but. Loneliness can also be the opportunity in developing self-respect which can persuade you from making the wrong choices."
" friend, respect for ones differences is as the equivalent between birds and fish. Neither can produce a tangible means of understanding the others experiential nature, however. Neither goes out of their way to disturb their co-existence."
" friend, the sacrifice in dignity is the epitome of pride."
" friend, we don't need a plethora of reasons to figure out why one cheats. The principle matter is that mentally, emotionally and sexually they became selfish."
" friend, respect and courtesy are underrated within most relationships these days. From time to time just ask your spouse if there is anything they'd like for you to change and commit to it, otherwise. If they aren't worth changing for... then who is?"
" friend, materialistic individuals will never be content with what you have while never minding who you are."

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