Friday, 1 November 2013

Past, Present, Future

His name was Past, 
And he loved a woman named Future. 
Things did not last, 
As Future met Present, a man who'd suit her. 
Future forgot about Past,
Spent her days with Present. 
But Past became envious,
And thought of things which would not be regretted. 
For Past knew all guilt, 
All the shame and wicked trials. 
Past knew the neglect, the pain and things vile. 
So Past decided that he would make things right, 
And made mockery of Future, hoping to change Present's sights.
But Present had a different heart, 
A different mind and well being. 
Present was a man who saw the inside of what was worth seeing. 
And though Future begged Past,
To let go and be free of such strife
"You are hurting me" said Future,
But Past replied, "So? I've been hurt all my life!"
Present with a smile, touched the face of their love,
And calmly spoke, "Past will not hold me back from what's been blessed by above"
To this Future smiled,
Her heart calm and tamed.
Telling Past, "You can keep the regret and guilt, for things have changed"

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