Thursday, 31 October 2013


We come across a lot of liars in our personal experiences. Our bosses may lie about our shifts, raises or even pay on our cheque. Our friends may lie about who they are, what they mean and intend to do. Our families may lie about certain stability, our relative bonds and how they see us. We are lied to in relationships with promises to never let go, never to harm and always being at our sides. Even we lie to those we care for and love at times when telling the truth might just be a little more difficult or hard to bare. It's also not easy letting someone else take control of who we are and what we seek to accomplish. No wonder when it comes to trusting God that we tend to be met with fear which leads to doubt, to backsliding and eventually unbelief. God calls us to trust Him in a world that expresses trust so apathetically. Trusting God is part of the renewal process. Allowing Him to change our hearts and minds on the conditions of trust and braving the opportunity to comply with His word over our life. Letting God in is not just a choice, but a determination. Knowing that God is not a worldly being who turns our vulnerability into a moment of pain, but allowing trust for God to set aside worldly standards and expectations. Allowing that trust for God to truly make a difference in our lives. Trust God, with everything in you. He won't let you down once you've surrendered your life, your existence and soul to Him. Trusting God is not just a tide of words but there's a responsibility of action on our part. We have to act on the belief that God is in control, and confirm that belief through spirit and word. Trust Him beyond the pain, beyond the let downs and disappointments. He's more than any of that could possibly amount to, and the best part about trusting God is there are no regrets. God Bless.

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