Thursday, 10 October 2013


..and what if God did give us instant gratification for the things we wished for? Would we still have the same depth of gratitude? Would we treat God as a higher power and Lord or would we fall into complacency? How easy it would be to follow a false prophet in this day and age who claimed to speak for God if we always got what we wanted anyway? I believe that the gift of patience is there to allow us to confirm our wants and needs with God's will. As we wait, it is not only our time to learn patience but to also be open to God's renewing of our minds and heart.

..and what if God said that the only thing a born again has to look for is prayer for his neighboring sinner? Would heaven be so appealing without the promises of Golden roads and personalized mansions? This question is to provoke the thought and opportunity of prayer. Some of us just don't find the time to pray for others without the realization that praying for them is the recognition of God's mercy. Without God shedding His mercy over our lives and spirit what would we have in common with prayer? Then can it be agreed that prayer in itself is a gift instead of a burden? That we must become opportunists with that gift in every circumstance and situation to show God our gratitude?

..and what if God said only He will only judge you? Does this mean that a partner in Christ has no authority to correct our wrongs? That a friend or family member in the body of Christ has lack of discernment? I've noticed that individuals who use that phrase, which is from a tupac shakur song by the way, expect that what they are doing won't be judged because they affirm their belief in God. I noticed that the sin committed is not withstanding a comfort zone developed over the years of experiences and habits that they are content to have. The truth of the matter is, God has final judgment but He has also given mankind the spirit of discernment. Discernment in it's definitive form means to judge.

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