Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Things I've learned...

Things I've learned...
...Some will only accept a truth if there's money behind it.
...Some have confused salvation.. with finance.
...A saved christian won't think they are better than you.
...The more I focus on what God will judge me for the more considerate I become.
...I've realized I'm more God centered in my daily habits if I commit to the question, "What do you want from me God?
...Just going to church doesn't make you saved.
...We have to read the bible to ensure that we are living by God's intent and not our own.
...Even a room full of Christians could be serving separate God's if they aren't familiar with Him through scripture.
..."Feel good theology" is as deceptive as satan himself.
...Some sermons are no better than a false horoscope.
...Many impose fear unto others in order to appear right with God.
...Patience and wisdom bring about altruism. Impatience lacking wisdom brings about egoism.
...being alone is the perfect season for harvesting wisdom.

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