Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Michan Carter, “Relation Ships” Right Voices/ Right Choices

“The strength of a voice is built on time and trust” – Michahn Carter
No matter what we know about evil, if there’s a voice you trust you will falter to it. Influences can build you up, or bring you down. Bring out the best, or bring out the worst in you. Who you surround yourself with and give your time and trust to reflects your actions. What you think on, you will act on.
“To know if the advice you receive is Godly, you have to read the bible. It doesn’t matter if the bible is confusing or difficult to read, it wasn’t meant to be understood the first time around. If you understood the bible the first time you read it, you’d never read it again. But reading again, is like layers to an onion. You’re going to be around alot of people who give “advice” T.V shows, your friends, your family.. everybody has advice, reading your bible will make sure it’s the advice you need.”
“When people say “Only God can judge me” they are usually doing something they shouldn’t. But if someone punched another in the face, can they be saved with “only God can judge me?” I won’t let pride get in the way of learning something new. If it matches God’s word, it’s a chance for me to change. If it doesn’t match God’s word, I don’t have to consider their opinion. Will their age, being younger or older effect their advice? We will be wise for “some times” in our life, not “all our life”. Don’t let status or reputation or age interfere with wise living. And to be sure of that is to invite Godly individuals who live by God’s word into my life.”
“Negative people don’t speak to your potential, they speak to the now. Observational communicators only notice the obvious. “You have a pimple”, “Thanks, thanks I didn’t know”. We need people to help us see the good. There’s going to be good and bad things, but I want to be focused on the positive. It doesn’t mean I’ll be unrealistic about negative things, but not let negative things consume me because all I’ll be is bitter and destructive.”

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