Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Book Missing its Pages

“I don’t have to read the bible, I already know who God is” the man said to Inked Pen. “Who is He then?” asked Inked Pen. “He is love and everything that is right. I know this with my heart!” Inked Pen smiled, “Awesome! And just how did this get into your heart?” The man smiled back, confident that his point was soon to be proven, “I know because I grew up around believers. I’ve seen testimonies and people declaring His existence!”
Inked Pen nodded his head while moving over to a nearby tree. “That’s great news but can you tell me how those people came to know God?” The man stopped smiling and took a second to think, “Well I suppose they read the bible but that still doesn’t mean I should have to read it!” Inked Pen looked away and replied, “So then you are OK with it?”, “OK with what?” questioned the man. “OK with loving God by the description of an other? You are OK with defending God just through someone elses experiences?” The man was yet to be corrected, “I’m OK with sharing a known truth! I don’t have to read about what I know!” Inked Pen then smiled, “If I see a couple in love, in my heart, I would know what love can do but if I am not the one in love then what can I say that it has done for me?” The man took a moment to think about this and asked, “How can reading the bible change the way He feels?” Inked Pen answered very calmly, “Who said we’re changing anything? Your heart is set on the book, this is true.. but your book is missing its pages”.
- Inked Pen

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