Friday, 14 December 2012

You Can’t Prove a Seed

“You can’t prove God exists!” shouted the man at Inked Pen. “I would do my best..” Inked Pen began, “but you’ve set those very words against any opportunity”. The man was untainted, “If God were real then show Him to me! Prove Him to me!”. “Why?” asked Inked Pen. “Because I know you can’t!” shouted the man. “No..” said Inked Pen, “..I mean why do you want me to prove him to you not why should I”. The man seemed to be getting a little more angry in his impatience so Inked Pen tried to explain, “I believe there is a value in proof. A value that has many principles”. “What are you talking about?” responded
the man. “I’m talking about your reasons and why you’d want to know”. The man seemed to calm down a bit as Inked Pen continued, “If you start off with wanting to see me prove your views we’ll get nowhere. Your views have already managed self-knowledge and validity to your existence. But if we, lets say, purpose that question to wanting to know because you truly wanted to know?” The man seemed to understand and took a seat beside Inked Pen. “If you truly wanted to know you’d know that was proof enough in your heart. The desire in wanting something says it has meaning correct? And if that desire had meaning you wouldn’t ask for proof you’d ask for ways to harness that proof”. The man pondered for a moment and asked, “If you could give me an example I’d appreciate it Ink”. Inked Pen looked around and spotted a tree, “Alright, look at that tree! Before it began it was just a seed in a palm and someone held onto the belief that such a seed would grow into a miraculous tree that bears fruit. But in order for that belief to become actual proof he had to work at it in faith. He had to nurture his desire and perhaps even develop the care to expand his knowledge upon it”. The man took a look at the tree and said to Inked
Pen, “But I can see a tree, I can’t see God”. Inked Pen laughed,
“You don’t ever see the fullness of a tree until you’ve planted the seed”
-Inked Pen

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