Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why Do We Quote?

“Why do we humans make quotes?” asked Inked Pen, “What design or structural purpose is there in leaving a quote?” the circle of men took their moment to discuss. It seemed that even one may have given Ink the finger, “We make and desire quotes for the very same reasons that we make or desire our esteem” they said. Inked Pen laughed, “try again”. They tried, “We make and desire quotes to impress upon ourselves and others a shared intellect and understanding”. Inked Pen laughed some more. The men began to tire, “Then why don’t you tell us why we quote and desire quotes!” Inked Pen still laughing began, “It’s true that a quote is meant to demonstrate self esteem, it is meant to articulate a shared and wanting intellectual standard but it’s not so far gone from a basic understanding”, “And what’s that understanding” they retorted angrily. “It’s quite simple actually, we quote to belong and even if that belonging means we’ve sought to distance ourselves in esteem and intellectual gratitude’s ; the assumption therefore is that we are urging others to reach those levels of intelligence and at such heights I can imagine a loneliness they would have regardless of how far gone they see themselves to be… desiring to belong.”
- Inked Pen

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