Thursday, 13 December 2012

How Do I know my God is Your God if We aren’t Color Coordinated?

It's a question that I ask believers who still refute the necessity in reading the bible. "How do you know my God is your God if we aren't color coordinated?" and no it's not a racial question, more of an elementary one. You see, the basic premise in loving God is as follows.. "He loves, He forgives and He redeems those He saves" we all know this; but the question now is how do you know this? Children at school are taught the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun is yellow. There's no telling that we all see the sky as blue, the grass as green and the sun as yellow without a formal check up. And without a formal check up we remain to believe that a purple sun is yellow, that a brown sky is blue and an orange grass is green. Those whom refuse to read about the person they love, and to check up on that coordination are indeed color blind.
It's not to say that they don't love their purple sun, brown sky and orange grass- but if you love it so much on the basis of what others tell you- you'd want to seek confirmation. That's how I see it being done responsibly anyway. Perhaps they are afraid of coming across scripture that may not sit well, or afraid that they truly were loving a false fantasized God who only speaks good and heartwarming things to sinners. It is dreadful for some, to realize that God can get angry and further more even angry at us if we willfully sin. We should coordinate with truth and not walk so blindly as to misinterpret our God as a simple minded, unintelligible being who doesn't feel and appreciate relationships sought by works, fellowship and self-study.
Imagine for your sake, you are in a relationship with a person named God. You love this person for who they are.. for what they can do for you and of themselves in the general sense of things. They write you now, professing their love to you and sharing intimate details that you alone could ever understand and have entitled it Bible, but! You refuse to read it! You refuse to read those letters of love because you assume their love as already understood. Never minding the time, effort or consideration to prove that love to you through this bible. Do you see my point? God is unchained by time and for every word that describes Him and His nature he held you in thoughtful deity. Each word and each lesson that expresses Him and His love were intended for those who gained a whim of understanding mercy, forgiveness and compassion.
"If my yellow is your green and my red is your blue. I walk on our suns vibrant beams and tearfully do love you"

- Inked Pen

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