Monday, 24 December 2012

Nobody Wants To Be Around a Failure

In our deepest regrets we’ve come to understand that successful people remain at short hand to people of failure. Knowing this on a personal level I’ve come to realize that failure is an element of despise. People may not naturally despise you if given the chance and the only chance we get to resourcefully represent ourselves is in success. Quite repetitious but facts remain. People of success do either two things with individuals of failure. They either help you or turn you into a market. The help I speak of is an successful individual seeing the potential within you. They cultivate that potential into a marketable influence and turn your life around with scrutinizing disciplines and behavioral adaptations. Only if you represent yourself amidst your failures as a potential client for such an advantageous circumstance will you find the shorted hand reaching out to you and hoping that you will receive it in kind and with respect. 
The other form is market. Individuals of success, if not allocating your needs on a personal level will find the time to help you along within impersonal deeds. Organizations, quotes and poetry that best suit the requirements of a successful endearment. And why purpose uplifting quotations? These forms of help advice are to encourage the best in us. They not only encourage you but are granted with a hint of opportunity. To be able to turn your life around surmising that is what you want to do, self-help coaches and teachers will base a market around your failures. Not all successful people care about your misery or self-loathing, they care for it to develop their marketing plan. There are many quotes out there which have helped the way I think and handle my failure and there are many which do the opposite and simply remind me of where I’ve failed in. In such a case, I’ve noticed that those who motivate in that manner only do so to keep the market alive. Anyway my point is, nobody wants to be around a literal failure. 
The company you keep is what says best of you. And as I’ve failed, I’ve lost many a successful individuals whom compromised success with friendships. The world in itself is not one of friendships or honoring neighbors and you’d be just as lucky as I would if an individual of success reached out to you from it and devised your worthiness to excel towards said greatness. Then what does it all mean? It means we, speaking to those whom can relate, need to reduce the amount of failure we acquire in our present day life and fill our livelihood with things of successful nature. Learn a new trade, develop a more profitable hobby- whatever it is, just do it! Because as we fail and cling to hope that someone with a caring heart will step down to our level, we can only imagine one thing wrong with that deduction  The odds are slim and the odds of not caring, despite the useful quote, are greater.
Make your own success, don’t wait for it. Try and try again as best you can and if it fails then realize that as an individual seeking success, you are not one to be content with. You, as an individual whom is not content with failing ideas and tries again, indeed is not a failure. Perspective, subjective; call it what you will. But a failure is one who denies their ability to foresee success in every trial and tribulation and settles with what is failed.
“A failure isn’t one in the act of doing but one whom is content with doing nothing”

- Nathaniel

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