Friday, 14 December 2012

An Atheists Reckoning

He quoted all scripture which gave to him all the proof he required within his disbelief. He noted everything he could that scripture had to offer which would deem God uncaring and useless to the organization of mankind. I asked, "When you sought for these pages, what was behind the motivation? Were you seeking God or were you seeking to refute God?", "What difference does it make," said the man, "The facts are all here. He said every last bit of it and that's why I have no need for such a God.", "And what of the good.. the love your enemies.. the forgive your fellow man 77 times 7? Are these things that you, as a human being should know, become of uselessness as well? I have a short story to tell you. It's about a young man who kept a journal in a small town. No one liked this young man in this small town despite not knowing he spent years gathering very useful and insightful quotes. They made fun of this young man even more once they found his book of quotes.. said it was a silly thing to do especially giving it the title 'the best quotes in the world'.. but all the more the crowd became more silent as they kept reading the quotes and trying to pressure one another to laugh. Eventually there was a silence and quiet that never before embraced the courage of this young fellow.", "What did the quotes say?", "Indeed, what did they say? The quotes he gathered were from the very same individuals who laughed and mocked him. After realizing the stillness of the crowd he read the last page, his own quote and it said "we quote in order to belong.", "I still don't understand how this has to do with me quoting the bible?", "Indeed, you wouldn't. But if you quoted with a purpose to belong to God instead of yourself.. then perhaps you would understand the very things that belong to you and others with different motivations."

- Inked Pen

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