Friday, 14 December 2012

I Need God? I Need Jesus?

"What does it mean," he began, "To need God and to have need for Jesus?" The question was valid. How is it that we come to a circumstance in our lives beyond our reasoning of understanding and claim we need them, especially since we've already claimed to have them? Surely we don't mean the physical property in that need.. or do we? "I believe it means.. we lack within us what we have lacked between us", "And what does that mean?" they interject. ""It means.. peace. Peace of self, and peace between us.. we lack the center of peaceful understanding and unravel ourselves unto the twists of anxiety. We lack peace that only God and Jesus have appropriately refined to our esteemed comforts and comfort zones. A peace that man, friend nor lover could provide. A principled peace that condemns our inner demons and humbles our selfish aspirations. It's a peace that we have yet to define within the structure of our souls. For tragedy has become far more accustomed to our relative understanding and extinguishes peace upon its every event. We ask for peace because during those moments of hyper ventilation we acknowledge our weaknesses, our sudden losses and discount the fervency of that peace. Because we are young to the ideology of sustainable peace.. our mortal bodies succumb to the worlds fear, to the worlds travesty and to evils transgression  When we say I need God or I need Jesus we have made a conscious awareness to our frail adjusted spirituality. We have become in agreement to our stasis and beckon for the rejuvenation of God's eternally divine reconciliation  For without those needs, without the desire of such needs.. in due tragedy, what else do we have to lean on if lacking peace within ourselves and with one another?"
- Inked Pen

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