Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pinocchio Complex

He was made out of wood and carved with love. His maker had hopes for him to become a real boy some fateful day and the wish was granted. Not entirely, for when Pinocchio was granted life he was yet ready to live it. He urged to become a real boy like some of us young men yearn within us to become real. Even women, whether they know the entire aspect or not in what a real man is aspire their spouses to be real men. So he took the wrong road like many of us do. We believe that being real men is relative to smoking, gambling and mischief. What one perceives as naughty, the other perceives as courage.  We turn our backs on God and become swallowed by giant whales- just as Jonah. You remember Jonah don't you? God told him specifically where to go and he went against his conscience to turn the other way because he had doubt. Pinocchio had the same kind of doubt in the direction he was told to go in and being swallowed only made him become more humbled to his reality. Once a jack-ass; he understood the concepts with being "Real". Putting priorities first.. caring for your parents, and turning away from evil temptations. We all hope to live as real people during our trials and suffering. It's a complex that compares the livelihood and expectations of others. We try to attain these things by hoping to fit in with everyone else, the wrong crowds. Pinocchio simply learned that lies can distort ones image and not every crowd and crowds expectation can make you real- but only the honest and pure choices gained from ones conscience in a clean direction.. that will certainly make you real.
"The fake keep it real.. and the real keep it from getting fake"
- Inked Pen

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