Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Speak To Me, My Constantine

And Satan devised Constantine too wise
“Unlike Job remove his hedge that do disguise.”
yet.. God Permitted.
Constantine lost everything in reach.
Left only with flip flops, His city became beach.
And Satan devised Constantine too Strong.
“Unlike Samson let his strength be gone.”
yet.. God Permitted.
Constantine read where there was reading.
Left only to love where love was fleeting.
And Satan devised Constantine too nice.
“Unlike Christ let him be of wagers sacrifice.”
yet.. God Permitted.
Constantine was tortured and suffered great turmoil.
Left only to answer that he’d be disloyal.
And Satan devised Constantine was filled with hate.
“Unlike those who held God in fate.”
yet.. God Permitted..
“Speak to me, my Constantine..”
“Have you lost your hearts esteem?”
Constantine, from light to darkness insisted
“Even chance to speak, I cannot hate what is yet permitted.”
Constantine, from love to hate.
“Even chance to redeem, I cannot turn yet from fate.”
Constantine, yet weak his strength turned dark unto thy witness.
Constantine, yet begged for redemption and God’s forgiveness.
And Satan devised Constantine a fool to heaven’s strictness..
“yet God.. yet God!?”
yet.. God Permitted.

- Inked Pen

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