Friday, 14 December 2012

Don’t Blame God

“..because I know that God does not do evil, but permits it. I shall have an unquestionable distaste for Him.” A heartbroken man said with full meaning of every word to me. God had taken someone special from Him and I don’t believe any amount of philosophical quoting or scriptural analogy could heal his pain. He was determined to deny God and deny God of everything he had to offer. I had to be careful about this moment of healing, else whatever I could have to say within good spirits could be tempered away into avoidance. “When we begin to love God,” I start carefully, “we don’t love Him for the things of us or for the things He’s made us capable to do. We love Him, for Him”, “Does that mean I should love Him for the evil He permits? God hates evil, yet He permits it.. anything less than the obvious truth is rationalization!” he was stern, this one. So I decided to start fresh, “Were you ever given a gift?” I begin carefully. “Yes, I’ve been given many gifts in my life and I’ve cherished each one.. unlike God” he says. “And with every gift you’ve ever received, are they as brand new and fulfilling to the gaze as the day you received them?” I ask carefully. “No, some of the gifts I’ve gotten over the years were broken or lost but I still remember the feeling I had for those who gave them to me!”, “Good” I say, “But unlike the gifts that become lost or damaged, the gifts that God gives us are always meant to return to Him instead of taking their claim in our form of understanding. Every gift He gives that is taken away or lost of us will always return to the one whom sent them. Now if every gift you lost, broken or damaged returned to the one who gave you those gifts.. and they received them with joy.. despite your views, despite your shame, despite anything that we humans tend to do with what we love dearly.. what would you do?”.. the man realized the point.. he sighed and answered, “I would still love them. I would still love God.. Father forgive me.”
- Inked Pen

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